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Leading, Learning & Laughing

We love being school principals.  We wake up in the morning excited to go to work and see what the day holds. We love that everyday is a new day and that one can never guess what each day will bring. It’s by far the BEST job, but let’s be honest…it’s lonely. You’ve probably heard the saying, “It’s lonely at the top,”  but we never fully understood that until we became principals/assistant principals. It’s hard having to make the tough decisions. It’s hard having difficult conversations. It’s hard when you have to make a decision that others don’t understand because you know all of the facts. IT’S. JUST. HARD. Period! That’s why building a community is important. It’s vital as a school leader to have people that you can lean on and trust to give you sound advice. You need people around you that just understand.  You need other school leaders that you can share ideas with and collaborate with. Let’s face it…educators steal ideas better than anyone, and we are all perfectly okay with that because we understand the struggle!

Community is why we have started LL&L blog. We are that community of leaders. We are all a part of the same district, and we have a bond as principals. We lead, learn, and laugh together. We want to build our community and bring others in.

Our desire through this blog is to inspire other school leaders by sharing ideas and sharing tips that may make the job just a tad easier. We want to bring others in and build a community of leaders. We may even have a few laughs too. We work hard but we LOVE to have fun!

We hope you enjoy our posts. Feel free to comment or contact us! We want to learn from YOU too!

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About Us

Monica Moore, Kaela Deslatte, Candace Widemon, Connie Forsyth, & Ashley Smith

Thank you for visiting Leading, Learning, and Laughing.  LL&L is a blog written by 5 principals & assistant principals from the same school district who also just happen to be friends too. Together, they have a variety of experience in the elementary levels with Kaela Deslatte, principal at a pre-k/kindergarten campus,  Ashley Smith and Monica Moore, both principals of 1st – 3rd grade campuses along with Connie Forsyth, their assistant principal, and Candace Widemon, an assistant principal at a 4th-6th grade campus. Together, they have over 30 years of experience. This blog began in the summer of 2018 after they were inspired to share their experiences and tips with the wider education community after attending the TEPSA summer conference in Austin, Texas. Their hope is to connect with the larger network of principals and school leaders and to continue learning and growing in their career. 

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Kaela, Candace, Connie, Monica, & Ashley

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